Reverend Wright.. divisive? yes.

Not just Wright is divisive, but those “black” ministers who expect “white” society to accept their brand of whatever the h*** kind of victimization they feel they currently have been experiencing… make the problem worse.

I really had thought we were getting beyond all of this.

His speech in Detroit.. crap. He hadn’t even gotten to what the press was Looking for. (as of my leaving it’s viewership) His introduction by a man who talks of the “African American church.” I cannot even imagine how the media, civil rights groups or any others would react if Pat Robertson, or any Billy Graham type who HAPPEN to be white, called their respective churches “European American,” or “White American.”

I’ll say it. The time for a double standard, in the race game, and possibly in the Detroit VS. Michigan game.. is over. We need to call these people out for what they are. Racist, Victim mongering bigots. The presidential candidate Obama has decried the words, but stops there. He claims that he missed those days when such bigotry was spoken, ..preached. His wife, in some of the words she uses in her own speeches however, seems a recording for the “out of context” message delivered by Wright in the released recordings we are now so familiar with.

If the Obamas allowed themselves to be programmed as “affluent successful citizens,” how deep then, do the words of such racism reach those who are LOOKING for a reason for their troubles. The message is FAR different than that of a good minister guiding his flock. The message is one of envy brought about by events we have ALL wished to move on from.

IMO African Americans, no.. ALL Americans deserve better representation than this.