OK.. Tax Day Went Well

Brief Recap

7:45AM: I was able to get 5 minutes of fame with an announcement on local station WTCM on the Ron Jolly show.  Went well, and for once, didn’t stumble over my words during a call in.  MI Fair Tax initiative now announced for 1 PM to the world.  Even promised free pizza for people who would stop by.

 8-9AM:  Mixed business, and printing fliers and other informationals for the ballot initiative.

9-11AM: Other than other mix of biz and prep, received call from a concerned postmaster that our “protest” was going to mess up their little world.  I explained to him he mis understood, and that I had actually made arrangements with the property owner next door to use a little plot of land adjacent to the car exit point.  Ordered 20 pizzas for 1PM

11AM-12Noon: Straight Business.  (something has to pay for all of this fun.) At this point, chicken with head cut off… a good way to explain my activities.

12-1PM:  Last minute prep, and off to pick up Pizzas, went to wrong pizza store, found my pizzas were on opposite side of town.  yay.  Found the right store, and was able to get set up with 5 minutes to spare at the post office. 5 people waiting to sign ballot initiative petition.  Said they heard it on Ron Jolly.

1PM-2PM: I am beginning to realize 20 pizzas was …not needed..  Most people have eaten already. Signature collections going well, but guilt over what to do with remaining pizzas beginning to surface.  Start giving 2 slices to those who express interest.

2PM-4PM: Several “lucky” visitors receive a whole pizza. One couple gets 2.  Feeling a little better about that crisis.  TV 7-4 comes out, and is “disappointed” there isn’t a protest going on.  Expected to find crowds..   Good side however, is they should be able to make a Frankfort fair tax meeting on the 23rd.  There will be more faces all at once.


This was a fun exercise.   I met some really great people.  Will elaborate in future posts.  Now I need to fix this sunburn.