Cant We All Just Get Along Now?

 Michigan Left/Liberals, having wreaked havoc for the last several years find themselves looking at a messy room, and hoping “mom” will pick up after them.

I would hope that Michigan Democrats however, are not ALL to the far left, and have ideas which can work, and are also willing to look at the possibility of hope delivered with a massive change in leadership.  The kind of hope not delivered with empty words, from a presidential candidate or a smooth talking political promiser, but from solid plans that are based on historical precedent and facts.

Michigan Conservatives should welcome alienated Democrats to join in voicing displeasure at the waste in Michigan government, and the betrayed trust in our elected officials. Should welcome those who have open minds, willing to consider real plans that include fiscal responsibility, accountability, and social conscience. With those, who are beginning to understand that bigger government is not the way to build strong families, strong communities will begin developing around them.

Essentially, the end result, with prosperity, strong community, positively reinforced families is a goal shared by all of us.  How we get there is where the trouble begins.

Now kids, go put away your toys.