Ron.. ouch

The SC Republican debate I watched with anticipation, because I thought Ron Paul would be able to get the true conservative economic message touchdown. Instead he fumbled the ball in the red zone. Twice.

Ron you blew it.  Not because you were wrong in the economic reasoning of the issues, but because you “looked” wrong in your presentation and your foreign policy understanding as it relates to Israel and it’s neighbors. By the time you were able to get a little clearer message out, no one was paying attention. Then you answered the Iran boat thing as if you didn’t hear it?.. ouch.

Remember this for future debates; Simple edible sound bites, and great quotes. Look for ways to say things that people will remember as being “RIGHT.”  OK.. lesson plan in fencing..  Dodge, parry, thrust! or is it…  dodge thrust parry parry thrust? damn.. just damn…