Who gets the CASH? (and who gets the shaft)

Assuming the 3:30 meeting today between legislators  goes as planned, and the USE tax extension to services is repealed, what about the 16 hours of taxes collected for astrology, numerology, and ski passes?  Who gets them?  Is there a mechanism already set up or will there HAVE TO BE one set up to collect the $152.16 (made up figure – not to be taken seriously.. sheesh) that is “OWED” the treasury?

Seriously, if there is money owed to the treasury for the one day the tax exists, then the state will then have to publish documents sent out to all busineses describing how to pay it.   Result: Net Loss of Millions in print costs.  Add to that, if there IS a constitutional challenge as reported in an earlier post, the resultant mayhem to the state has incredible potential.

All of this because the lefties in the legislature wanted to be “cute.”  I still support Term limits personally, but when you have a 12 year old like Andy Dillon running the house, because there is a lack of experience and leadership, it tests the concept.  Also, our Governor (and  am not short on criticism of her in all fairness) has exhibited a lack of leadership, partly as a result of her ideology, and partly as a result of a natural lack of common sense (maybe a folic acid deficiency at some time in the past) that rivals that of Dillon’s.