Letters to Jenny (part II)


Dear Jenny,

I have a business which has potential for growth if only I could get it set up on waterfront property. We employ 60 people now in the suburbs of Detroit, and would love to have a spot near the river. Can the MEDC help me? I promise to add 4 jobs. Would I qualify for your program?

Your friend, a Business Reaping Independent Business Executive.

Dear B.R.I.B.E.

Message received! OF course you Qualify! The MEDC is there to make EVERY business owner happy! In fact just move, send the bill to me Ill give it to the taxpayers, and make an announcement! By the way, my husband’s book has 100,000 copies left on the first run, I’m sure you could use 40 or 50 for each of your workers to hand out at Christmas. Thanks for being a player! – Jenny

Dear Jenny,

I have a small fast food restaurant in western Michigan which relies on a lot of kids for the entry level jobs. The problem I have is the minimum wage being so high. I want to hire more of them as the work load is high, but it makes it tough when the minimum is so high for this type of work. Can you push for a change back to a lower minimum?

Respectfully, McDoogal’s in Muskegon

I Understand. I feel your pain. The minimum wage protects wage earners such as those teens who have to take care of their families in some 4 and 5 income housholds (which seems to be the norm recently) However, If you needed to MOVE your business across the street, the MEDC is THERE TO HELP! A couple MILLION can make a huge difference in the bottom line, and you might be able to hire more kids for a couple years. Also, maybe they wouldn’t mind a few copies each of my husband’s new book? – Jenny