Some ways in which the recent tax law WILL affect us.

The passing of a service tax, and an increase in the income tax recently by our elected officials may have some other unintended consequences. The worse the general economy of Michigan becomes, we face additional strains on our pocketbook.  The decision to stop the bleed may well be in those areas where the taxpayer feels he can make a difference.  The legislators who voted for the tax increases did not listen to those who put them there, and will in all likelihood face distrust for some time.

In many school districts throughout Michigan there are bond and millage renewals to be voted on which already had questionable outcomes prior to the new burdens to the taxpayers. The additional out of pocket expense to both business and individuals alike in the weak economic environment of Michigan, might have some who would ordinarily sign on to a millage increase with little resistance feeling a little more belligerent.

This may result in a little less financial support locally for schools which have already had to shift budgeting based on what is or is not provided for under Headlee. Even IF the USE tax is repealed, there will be a search for other means of generating revenue, as the governor will refuse to give in on cutting costs as a solution. People are learning to not trust the officials who are entrusted with the fiscal responsibility of running the state government, and could revolt in part by not supporting local needs, both educational and in infrastructure.