No, it IS too late.. (at least for now)

Granholm has said she will NOT sign the repeal UNLESS there are sufficient replacement taxes in the bill.  Surprised?  Hardly, but the legislature has not held the line and she will continue to HOLD HOSTAGE the business owners of the state.

The accountants (my own included) have NO IDEA what the MBT involves… they have attended Lansing conferences on it, and apparently Michigan lawmakers really don’t know as well? NOW they will add a 38% “surcharge” to the MBT?  Interesting.. not good.. not good at all.

I suppose it could be argued, and maybe it will be by the spendy types in the governor’s mansion and our state capital,  that business will “Flock” to our state   what..  out of curiosity?  Something along the lines of.. perhaps a crate with a growling thrashing creature inside which demands investigating by releasing it…  Pleeeease……

The REAL conservatives in the legislature need to make some noise so that Michiganders know how badly they are about to be taken again.