Granholm Announces New Tractor Factory

Lansing – News Sources

Governor Jennifer Granholm today anounced Michigan will be the recipient of a new manufacturing facility of Slovinksy Tractor works, a Russian maker of fine agricultural devices. The announcement comes at a time when Michigan jobs are scarce, and almost any news is good news. The new factory will employ 25 Michigan residents.

About the timeline, “Russian Managers will arrive by early 2008” Says Granholm, beaming about this new Jobs Coup. “We only had to condemn 5 neighborhoods, and displaced only 2 pair of nesting Loons, this is a great time to be alive!” She Shrugs off the negative comments by her political opponents glibly; “We lost 250,000 manufacturing Jobs in the last two years, they (her political adversaries) think that its the end of the world..” Undaunted she continues “I will get every tractor manufacturer in the world to set up in Michigan if its the last thing I do!” – Staff