Give me a break?

Whereas I, as a business owner, would have more money on hand for investment and growth, so it will happen faster, creating more opportunity for me to create additional positions, and employ others looking for work and,

Whereas I, as a business owner, seek less restriction in the way I do business, less licensing concern, less overall regulation and complicated government requirements, so I can concentrate on the business I have built in the state of Michigan and,

Whereas I, as a business owner have a regular migraine wondering what new restrictive policies our socialist governor and crony counterparts in the Michigan legislature will levy upon us,

Do Hereby Proclaim the month of Dec, 2007 the “Michigan cut me some slack month.” A month in which we are not yet encumbered by unfair taxes, and will have 31 days to take a deep breath before heading into the watery depths of fiscal lunacy created by our state government.