Some One liners for you..

Though taxes arent funny..  I hope these one liners help you get your point across..

“My kids braces are on the governor’s kids teeth”

“Government is so deep in my pockets, I have no place to put my car keys”

“Government is so deep in my pockets, um excuse me, that tickles..”

“Government is so deep in my pockets,I .. oh excuse me?  oh sorry.. not MY pockets any longer..”

“Um.. Governor?  At least my wife kisses me first..”

“My other car is a public transit bus”

“I bought a tile in the bathroom or the capital building”

“They’re thinking of bringing in saltwater to support the jellyfish in the Michigan legislature”

“Michigan.. a closed shop… HAHAHAHAHAHA oh.. it..  what?”

“A funny thing happened on the way to Indiana..”

“I promise A U-Haul in every drive!!”

“You’ll be Blown away!”

“I saw Granholms votes for sale on Ebay in the Union section”

“Common sense isnt dead..  It’s just stored for a rainy day”

“Hey, has anyone seen my paycheck?”

“Service taxes..  Hey aren’t WE the ones being… Serviced?”

“Service taxes..  How about taxing statutorial DIS-service?”

“Everytime the Michigan legislature meets, the great vacuum created draws the moon closer..”

“Annex CANADA!”

“Unfortunately the Canadian Trash has to be term limited out”

“Macaroni and cheese..  “Breakfast of Michigan Taxpayers!””

“I wish the US would invade Michigan…”

“The DEQ has made modifications to the new tax code an enviromental threat..  where do you put all the BS?”

“Common sense is a luxury, and is now taxed in Michigan..”

“Shoot..  if we were all lemmings.. at least we would know what to do next..”

“Representative government,  Not Reprehensible government!!  boy, you kidders…”

“This IS a dream right?  Really our governor is Hulk hogan, and JR wasn’t really shot RIGHT!!???”

“New class offered at the Universities now..  “Creative Taxation..””

“Ahh the good ol days..  Work hard, play hard, Keep a little of what you earned..”

“By the way..  this List is NOT provided as a SERVICE…  really. ”

Oh, and feel free to add your own..