Michigan about to get hit again?

The Global Warming SCAM hits our great state
Now the environmental groups are targeting Michigan because there are coal fired electric plants in the state. These groups would like additional CO2 capturing apparatus installed because it can now be called a polluting element. (thank you Supreme Court) This will of course add cost to those of us who consume energy, (Everyone) and create whole new regulatory schemes which limit our ability to produce both energy and goods.

The great mud slide of the global warming panic is now going to affect us even more as we capitulate (do you doubt our politicians will cave?) to what is essentially a power hungry “Control by government” evironmental crowd. The same folks who brought us away from the most efficient refrigerant ever made, R12.

Several years ago R12 (Dichlorodifluoromethane) was eliminated by the stroke of a pen, and legislated to oblivion in this great country. It was said to be combining with, and destroying the ozone in the atmosphere. This was based on theoretical chemistry. Though the scientists could never replicate the action in their own experiments, the enviro groups lobbied congress to replace R12 with another *Refrigerant. To this day the theory is still touted as Fact. (the writer of this ackowledges the possibility, however is not convinced)

Polutants into our atmosphere is not a good thing. Polution controls SHOULD be in place . However Knee-Jerk legislation (you know.. that “WE MUST DO SOMETHING” mentality) subverts the best efforts and typically provides more problems to be fixed, and always at a greater cost. Real Polution (sulphurs, nitrates etc..) causes real health issues. CO2 is NOT a polution. It is a natural by-product of breathing, burning, and any number of other natural occurances. It provides a basis for all types of vegative life on the planet.

Michigan WILL pay higher costs if these groups are successful in their efforts.  Higher electric bills, potentially industry damaging (which Michigan does NOT need) effects, and an increased regulatory element.