Day: August 2, 2010

Victory Balloons.

Balloons adorn my ceiling as I prepare for the celebratory decorations of signs near key precincts. Victory balloons as a title is hopeful,  but always carrying the glass half full makes it easy to call them that.

Ummm… isn’t this illegal?

Another gem from the Wall Street Journal: Craig Taffaro, president of St. Bernard Parish, has issued an executive order to stop any transfer of clean-up equipment out of the parish, which lies east of New Orleans. … On Friday, Plaquemines…

Stealing Liberty

Let me be clear..  I want people to take my ideas.  I want them stolen, reproduced, and honed to unimpeachable thoughts.  I want them used to engage in responsible action, activism, and pushing back against inappropriate authority. Why wouldn’t I? …