Stealing Liberty

Let me be clear..  I want people to take my ideas.  I want them stolen, reproduced, and honed to unimpeachable thoughts.  I want them used to engage in responsible action, activism, and pushing back against inappropriate authority.

Why wouldn’t I?  If it advances my causes, it seems logical.

Consider some specialized groups.  Can you imagine Right to life complaining about a candidate who advocates pro life issues in their platform?  Or even environmentalists whining about someone advocating drop offs for recyclables? Its not going to happen.  The point is that we may find ourselves standing for something, but it is easier to stand against stiff winds of opposing thought when there is more resistance by having greater numbers who believe as we do.

The new Michigan political party “The Tea Party” obtained ballot status, and is using the yellow flag symbol universally recognized as resistance to tyranny, and its a problem.

Why as conservatives, might we oppose a new party that uses the Gadsden coiled up snake as its logo?  Surely such a use of branding that is all too familiar to those who have stood side by side at freedom related rallies would be welcomed.  The advancement of what it means certainly is amongst the motivation the drive Tea Partiers, so whats the hang up?

If the symbol was used as a lever of liberty, it would be acceptable.  But its deceptive placement in an environment where the symbol is trusted begs an explanation of more sinister motives.

Indeed, one of the tenants of the Tea Party movement, has been its resistance to the formation of a grand, parent organization.  There are compelling reasons, not the least of which is the separation of the conservatives from within the Republican party.  Recognizing the framework which the current political system operates, most participants in the Tea Party activities understand the primary process within the two major parties is where we can make our strongest effect.  Our reform of the character that defines our governments would be destined to the same fate as third parties have enjoyed in recent years.

Some folks have even thought it was the Republicans usurping the Tea Parties, when in actuality, it is truly the other way around with the Tea Party folks growing themselves with the framework that naturally fit them.  A “Republican” framework.

So it comes as no surprise that the Tea Party activists whom have worked so hard to push back an ever infringing government would openly wonder WHO might be the new political party that spent over $100,000.00 to gain ballot access with their namesake, and a familiar “don’t tread on me” logo.  As well, the openly hostile attitude towards such an act was also not any great discovery, with the act of forming the new party  running contrary to the efforts put forward by those activists who have been serving their country through protest, and warning.

The snake however, turned out to be one more of a snake in the grass seeking to bite, rather than one of a defensive posture more associated with intent of maintaining liberty.  This snake that will now preside on the top of voter’s ballots with the Elephant and Jackass, has been discovered to be more closely related to the donkey side of the Democrat party.  In fact, it appears to be wholly a creature designed as distraction for those who might see the Gadsden symbol as one which harbors a friend on the ballot.

The Oakland County Democrat Party, the Michigan Democrat party, and the characters who are associated with them along willing allies and mysterious financier, have stolen the most recognized  symbol of the initial revolution and new resurgence of freedom. They have stolen it, but not to use it as we might.  But rather, with the intent on using it as weapon against everything it stands for.  They see not the value with which its conception brought, but the destruction of those who might blindly follow merely a symbol without any substance.

Somehow the truest revelation that might arise from this is that substance might never even be considered by those who would do such a thing.  As we see a void of character that refuses to be filled with this theft, its clear to see that for some, the cause of liberty might never be understood.

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