A more "tempered" view on Snyder…

After my article on the entrance into the Michigan Governor’s race by Rick Snyder an Ann Arbor Businessman, I have gotten a comment which reminded me to read and re-read prior or even post posting.  A conservative Teacher provides a little additional information which is not so harsh but reveals a few of my unstated reasons for opposing Snyder as the flag bearer for our side in 2010:

Snyder is a supporter of the moderate-wing of the Republican party- a quick search on http://www.opensecrets.org/ (type in Snyder, Michigan, Ann Arbor, search all cycles) shows that Snyder supports guys like Joe Schwarz (knocked out in primary of ’06 for being too liberal), Elizabeth Dole, and John McCain, and that he likes to give money to a PAC called “Its My Party Too PAC” (which supports socially progressive moderate candidates). Most of his donations at least have been to Republicans, although he has given Democrat John Dingell 3K.

I oppose his candidacy primarily because right now a far more conservative voice and pen is needed in Lansing.  My snarkiness may well be overstated in my Original posting.  I have no personal animosity toward Snyder, and have only respect for one whom has done so well for himself.  However in the MST3K atmosphere we all are experiencing, we do not need any more bad acting to make fun of.  A solid conservative as our governor is the ONLY way this state will be able to regain any measure of the vitality it once had.

A good job by A Conservative Teacher for a little reign in, and perhaps a little better perspective.

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