Anthropologically, man has been able to over come obstacles, beasts, and events not for reason of being stronger than those beasts, or being more powerful than a hurricane, but primarily because of two things he possesses. The opposable thumb, and an intellect.  The thumb, allowing manipulation and grasp and control not found in most other animals.  The intellect, a collection of memories and experiences which allow man to craft new and improved ways of dealing with our environment, enemies, or other challenges that would leave a mere beast to starve under adverse conditions.

The intellect, or mind has a very critical process which serves man well for survival.  It is the concept of ownership.  The very hands that sport the opposable thumb are a part of man.  They are wholly a part of him and it is hard to argue that they do not belong to whom they are attached.  The very fact that they are necessary in providing craft for shelter, tools to feed, gives the ownership an extraordinary value.  The hand, and the mind which drives the hand carry the value of life to the owner.

But man has not only used hands in all of his history to scrape the food he needs, but gone further to create comfort for himself and others.  Man has hunted for food, taken the skins of the beast for his own shelter, and used extra skins to trade for food and produce provided by other means.  The grown or harvested foods traded for furs, skins or rocks as tools relies on a very basic concept; that of ownership.  You cannot trade with another, that which you do not own or have right to.  You must first have created, traded or assumed ownership before it is your right to dispense with anything.

But then there is government that creates nothing. It has nothing that adds value. Its purpose is that of  organizing the taking of man’s produced goods and distributing them in either an appropriate manner or otherwise.  Government’s proper role as defined through our founding documents is that of protecting each other from those who would assume the ownership of our product illegitimately through coercive force, or fraud.  Its very construct designed to secure our personal ability to trade amongst ourselves in the fairest of manners conceivable; through consensual agreement.

Our founders held to the belief that the product of our work is OURS to dispense with.  A concept so basic, man’s early survival DEPENDED on it.

Yet as we become “enlightened,” we forget the very tenets of our survival.  Is there no wonder we have entire groups of peoples which haven’t the ability to create enough produce for their very personal existence?

E.F.C.A. is a prime example of the current ignorance of the value and rightness of ownership.  The Employee Free Choice Act ignores the premise that private property is paramount.  It supposes the value of a mans enterprise belongs not to the man who created it, but to the state and ultimately the mob which feeds off the state.  By instituting rules which punish a business owner for attempting to negotiate the manner in which he conducts business, E.F.C.A. removes the benefit of ownership leaving only the burden which would be tolerable only as long as the benefits remain.

Understand that if you support the government mandating HOW you apply your craft or skills, you do not recognize the principle of ownership, be it self ownership which dictates your handling of conditions of the adverse, or to the enjoyment of the rewards of wealth creation.

If you feel government is best suited to decide whether your contract with an employer is an appropriate one, then you at the same time acknowledge your submissiveness when it comes time to lay lein to your own possessions because you have not seen fit to capitulate in the most minor way to your local boards, state commissions, or federal regulators.

If you think that the Employee Free Choice Act is an appropriate undertaking by our government, you ignore private property rights, as well as personal responsibility.  You hand over what little dignity you might still claim to the bureaucrats who will reside in the proposed arbitrating boards.

I  do not acknowledge the government’s control over my decisions of wealth building, creation, private negotiations, accumulation, building, or associations.  When forced to comply, I will gauge the effort to determine if it is worthwhile, and likely abandon that pursuit.  As I honor my contractual obligations in a manner that suits a principled person, I would avoid entering into a contractual arrangement of requirements I cannot meet, such as those that would be mandated by the government.

Ownership is the means of creating wealth, whether it be of spirit, or real property.  Those who support E.F.C.A. submit they have nothing to offer for the real negotiation of their worth.  They submit their will to the collective process and abandon their claim of self ownership.  They become slaves to that which they create, to serve IT, for a false sense of security or entitlement.

Ownership is the only method of survival. The question is whether it be government’s, or our own.  Will we wear the beast’s skin, or will it wear ours?

2 comments for “Ownership

  1. May 5, 2009 at 7:08 am

    Good use of the word “anthropologically.”

    Very “Bones.”


  2. May 6, 2009 at 7:11 am

    Outlaw opposable thumbs! Create a new man without intellect or ownership or thumbs- he will inherit the liberal dream!

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