Continuing the Tea Party activities.. As we must.

While writing on some particular topics, I have had the opportunity to see what really drives folks to truly engage in their future.  The Tea Parties really awoke the sleepy activists in many of us.  From the grandparents who have NEVER protested to the kids who had parents with the wonderful presence of mind to demonstrate what peaceful resistance is all about, we have seen people shed their silence and subdued capitulation to unjust overreaches by our government.

Many of us have heard the terms “tea-bagging” in the derogatory sense, and “AstroTurf” as ways of demeaning the positions held by folks who are rightfully upset over current government  contrivances.  The “traditional” news sources themselves might well see the absence of appropriate news coverage as a means to an end; that of marginalizing Fox News, its viewers, or other supporters of liberty etc.,  By the very snub of coverage to the protesters legitimate concerns, to enhancing the voices of the movement’s detractors, the MSM hopes to squash the concerns of those who are tired of the slanted perspectives and have switched to Fox or other non “conventional” sources for their ongoing news reports.

Certainly CBS which backed up Dan Rather a few years ago when he presented his [KNOWN] false reporting cannot be trusted.  NBC which has an “enviro-profit” interest through its GE ECOMAGINATIONS unit and drums up support for the current administration, and has traditionally as a network unevenly presented the news, always biased in a “leftward manner.”  ABC? anyone’s guess.. until you look at the propaganda targeted at America’s unemployed home bound watchers of THE VIEW, which has a panel of radical leftists, and a token conservative. (what you DON’T SEE, is that she is tied to the chair)  All three traditional network news sources are DOCUMENTED as having a bias..

Now consider timing.

All the “cool” voices of the left came out assailing the efforts of the real grass roots organization done by retired GM workers, School board members, and other citizen activists who might previously have never dared say BOO to the slowly building mechanization developed by the authoritarian fascist left.  Folks who up until now pretty much minded their own business and only sent a message through their voting.  Heaven forbid that anyone but the fruitcake (sorry for giving fruitcakes a bad name) loons on the left are allowed to hold a sign in protest.  They called the Tea Partiers “extremists,” and suggested the organizing was hardly “grassroots,” but rather it was a corporately organized event deserving of the title of fake; as “ASTROTURF,” a term even used by that noted criminal, Nancy Pelosi.

And of course who can forget the rumors surrounding the infiltration of the parties by those spooky ol ACORN thugs.  Oh yeah, they were going to show up and try to draw out confrontation with false petitions, in-your-face disagreements, and generally create chaos wherever possible.  Of course there were people present who had minor disagreements and SUPPORT oppression by government, but as I had suspected, the rumors were to suppress turnout.

THEN…  The day before the tea party events, (please feel free to confirm this independently) our acting Homeland Security Head Case Janet Napolitano’s office arrives to the conclusion that persons attending such events and also returning military from overseas should be considered potential terrorist threats, in a report published, and publicized by the “eager to please the administration” media.  Called terrorist threats.. by the very folks who consider acts of terrorism, “man made disasters” so as not to offend the sensibilities of the lunatic Muslim extremists of the world.

I believe now, that the intent to subvert the total count of the attendees to the tea parties was in fact orchestrated, by the Democrat leadership, if not from the oval office directly.  It is what appears to be a convoluted bastardization of Chicago style politics, with a side helping of veiled threats to anyone who might face down the tank known as the current administration.  The methods used to divide us from each other, our missions at the parties, or our core philosophical beliefs MUST be successful, or we might be taken seriously by the few who are only now discovering the meaning of the constitution.

I encourage the continued participation of those who attended. I invite the help of those who wanted to attend, yet felt as if there might be trouble so declined the first time out.  I support those who have particular complaints that may or may not be the same as the rest of the participants, yet need to be heard. We OWN this government, it is not the other way around.  We will ALL be heard, as this is far from over.

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