Thank you Blue.. May I have another?

The newest ads are starting to appear proclaiming those EVIL out of state insurers are trying to keep you poor..  GREAT..  the Michigan legislature just needs more of a push to do things wrong.  The Ads, now airing on radio stations all over the state accuse “out of state” insurers of taking advantage of the Michigan citizens, and being unfair to those who cannot afford health care.  The ads are sponsored by an outfit with a name too long to remember, but mentions the real villians briefly: Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI, the Teamsters, Lansing Chamber, and a couple others..  the only one you need to remember? BCBS of MI

And BCBS as usual continues to abuse the trust of michigan citizens.  As the Detroit News reports..

“critics of the insurance giant, which claims about 70 percent of the market share, say Blue Cross should re-examine its spending priorities. They point to the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and a $1.4 million TV advertising blitz aired earlier this year to support the bills as evidence that the insurer is misstating its financial hardship.”

..and consider that Blue Cross estimates it will lose $269 Million in 2009 if it doesn’t get enough support to pass House Bills 5282 and 5283.

Couple of things to note.. BCBS tried its hand in the private industry game, ILLEGALLY.. “Blue Cross broke the law when it bought for-profit companies and when it used $125 million of their customers’ money to do it,” said AG Mike Cox. Also.. BCBS of MI seems to have an increasing balance, which hardly supports the notion they need to suppress competition and add fees to those insured under other plans through government action.  The blues CASH reserves? Approximately $3 BILLION.

Look folks,  Health care is a hot issue.   However, before we jump into more government sponsored monopolistic protection based on hyperbole generated by the Blues, and the Teamsters, and a few other misguided “business interests,” perhaps a little pay attention time is in order.  The Mackinac Center’s analysis on their Michigan Votes site better explains (please note some of the comments) the legislation BCBS would like to now JAM DOWN OUR THROATS.  (The link above will take you to 5282, change the URL to end in 5283 for further enlightenment)

Bottom line?  Anytime you hear the same radio ad calling for “government action” more than twice during a 30 minute time period, grab you wallet and pray, cause as it is always in Michigan.. you are going to pay.