Counter Insurgency message number 5

Sorry if you didn’t see the first four..  One and Three being written between the lines of other postings, and Two and Four were cartoons.

Michigan Dreams

I wake and alight a known process

My routine filled with resolve to do the same.


To think without the burden of imposed meaning

Assumptions of my intent lay barren of the knowing of my cause.

Yet surprisingly..

The oppression of the weak brushed off as an excuse

Used to lay waste to the strong and then equalize, harmonize, penalize.


The balance of thought as seen through the words

As carried through the air and afar

Becomes the ideal.

Sweet Freedom…

We choose the path, the route, the station

Like the dog who will run fast and hard

toward an agent of danger

Yet forgets the rope around his neck.

That is all.  Search for your next clue in a box of Obamio’s Cereal.  – JGillman Out.