Michigan Winters Affordable again?

Congratulations to customers who use Natural Gas to heat their homes in Michigan!  Earlier this year suppliers said they would be ramping up production a little to help keep costs at an affordable level.  That was considered good news, particularly in light of the upcoming California proposition 10, which had the possibility of putting a strain on current natural gas production, and raising heating costs for any who use it in Michigan and elsewhere.

Prop 10 lost, with over 64% of California voters giving the deal the finger.  The emphasis being used to drive the proposal was split between the “cleaner burning” characteristics of CNG, and the high cost of gasoline.  If it hadn’t been for the fall of the stock market, a reduction just prior to that fall, and other contributing factors supporting high gasoline prices failing to boot, Prop 10 might have squeaked by.  The LA Times had this to say about voters decisions:

“They also rejected two measures to dramatically boost California’s environmental image, both of them financed by out-of-state billionaires. Proposition 7 would have required utilities to generate half their electricity from renewable sources by 2025, likely driving up costs for consumers. Proposition 10 would have authorized $5 billion in bonds to subsidize the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and boost research.”

Out of state billionaires.  Business as usual, but in this case, “as usual” means by corrupting the minds of environmentally conscious citizens so that they vote for government mandates subsidizing those businesses.  Last year it was Corn for ethanol, this time it was $5-$10 Billion of taxpayer money for the cousin of flatulence.

Oh, and lest we forget..  with CLNE, the primary sponsor of the initiatve dropping to $6-7 a share after the failure..  Nancy loses.  Bless her corrupt little ticker. For the sake of a PROFIT, the speaker was throwing the very folks who work hard and support our economy to the wolves.  Michigan household heating costs be damned.  Michigan Driving expenses?  Who cares.  The speaker ABUSED her position to artificially create an environment which would boost HER bottom line. KISMET Madame Speaker..  I am sure there is more of destiny for you to discover.

For now, sans a hefty Union driven paycheck, many of Michigan’s recent jobless will have enough of a hard time buying food, but should be a little thankful for little favors in-so-far as the heating bill is concerned.