Hitting the Hive.. Dead on.

Everyone had their favorites, many like myself felt Mitt would be a solid choice for McCain’s pick, but the more I follow the reports and commentary from both the right and left side of the room, the more I can truly appreciate the choice made.  The RIGHT side is happy, ..no ECSTATIC about the pick of a solid family, pro hunting, outdoors, pro life candidate who doesn’t take any crap from those IN or OUT of the Republican party.  Someone who brings a level of trust to politics.  The LEFT side is caught off guard, but has already established particular talking points, including level of experience and predictably the fact she should be taking care of her baby.

THIS IS CLASSIC.  I hardly have to expand on the upside to the conservatives.  Pro second amendment, Pro life, pro family, and has reportedly done well enough to save Alaska $5 Billion in her short time as governor. Most, but not all Conservative pro environmental groups have appreciation for her pragmatic approaches to the environment and the needs of her constituents in Alaska.   The Liberals however, have found themselves in a bit of a quandary.  How best to attack the VP choice with the labels they have already issued as talking points (echoed by a willing MSM) of “inexperienced” and “unqualified in foreign affairs,” without first having to look back at their candidate, who instead of being merely a heartbeat away from the presidency, would BE THE PRESIDENT.  The hypocrisy is already flowing.  Nothing says BULLSEYE! like following the two trolls who regularly grace the pages at RIGHTMICHIGAN.COM going apes**t.  Nice guys both..

This great state could easily go for McCain this time around.  Michigan Voters can readily understand and appreciate the difference between a succesful and popular governor, and the failure we have been blessed with for 6 years, and must suffer another 2.  The fact that a young female governor can actually handle a state’s executive office and be more than just a pretty face on the ugliness of politics is now clear, and perhaps using alaska’s success as an example, Michigan goes red this voting cycle.  Some might say “wishful thinking.” However, the poor performance and inability to understand how to best promote the resources at hand should shine a light on the generally poor performance of Democrat policies which have been in place.

I am mildly surprised at how psyched I am about this team.  I will be active in this cause.

MCain / Palin ’08 For Michigan, For the Country.