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Newt Gingrich Exclusive Photo

I thought it might be interesting to offer an abstract pictorial analysis of Newt Gingrich after watching his opportunistic instincts at their peak. I couldn’t help but notice this skilled politico had sniffed out the impending downfall of the man…

Paul Ad Destroys Gingrich

Until I have a reason to drop my support for Herman Cain, its full speed ahead.

In the meantime, I am seeing what I think is a shift of SOME CAIN followers to the Gingrich camp. Hold up there allies! Just take a look at this video put out by the Ron Paul campaign.

Agenda 21 Immediately Recognized For What It Is

Newt Gingrich only recently discovered the United Nations agenda 21. What he found was that through federal dollars and grants to local communities, it is being promoted heavily. In a “let me be clear” moment, he remarks on his discovery.

You Betcha.. Newt Turned Out To Be One Of Those..

I have commented before about my disappointment in someone I had considered a relatively safe mouthpiece for the conservative movement.  When Nancy was Screwing the country in 2008 not allowing a vote on Drilling, Newt sat down on the couch…