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Agenda 21 Immediately Recognized For What It Is

Newt Gingrich only recently discovered the United Nations agenda 21. What he found was that through federal dollars and grants to local communities, it is being promoted heavily.

In a “let me be clear” moment, he remarks on his discovery.

2 comments to Agenda 21 Immediately Recognized For What It Is

  • Shocked

    Newt should LOVE this stuff, it fits his big government mindset. If he is opposed, its only because of short term political advantage, long run in health care he wants to do stuff that make Snyder’s BMI index and electronic health record look like childs play.

    • steve

      Newt doesnt believe in big governement. That would be the democrats. Snyder is doing a great job trying to get michigan back on track. you need to get your head out of your a** and wake up. the democrats are the ones destroying this nation and want a huge government. The conservatives believe in small limited government and to allow people to be free.

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