Tag: Hypocrisy

The Nuclear Option

I am not celebrating this as a way to point out the insipid nature of Harry Reid and Michigan’s US Senators. They already fulfill a centuries old prophesy that politicians eventually would be not born, but would instead be excreted.…

Perhaps Cut Off and Without Heat Food or Clothing?

Hypocrisy is owned fully by the ideology of the left. This is a great editorial on the conflict of desires and actions of those who ‘occupy’ and berate the very comforts they patronize.


More Green Hypocrisy

I don’t have much of a problem with windmills, and less of a problem with folks who wish to utilize their own funds to finance such expensive ways of generating electricity.  However, as an exposed element facing some of the…

Right And Proper

How do we treat each other?  When is it OK to bring up ideas in an elected body?  What venue should be more finite in its representation of electors than the next? And who decides what is appropriate, if not…