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HUD Actively Redistricting Through Zoning Requirements

I have written much on A-21 and the possible motives behind it. Even the widely accepted motivations based on the Rio declaration stand up front however, as we see federal grants being used to ‘shape’ our communities. Much of the…

No Home Too Small

I wonder if anyone 50 years ago would have imagined that in the USA it would be possible to have a township or local government tell you that your home living space was too small to be legal. Having NOTHING…

What is this “Granite State Future” anyway?

Pay attention. “Mandatory outcomes” noted. “Collective water” Noted “Environmental justice” Noted “Regional Governance abolishes LOCAL governance” NOTED. Straight up A21 here folks.

A21 In Action – The Delphi Process

A perfect example of how “visioning” works. There is no true public input, but merely choices predetermined by organizers. If you do not like those choices, you aren’t part of the process. How simple.

The Heartbreak Of Thomas Edison

Originally posted at RightMichigan.com Things are looking brighter in our great lakes state. Unless, of course, one wants to use a light bulb to make it so. A demand for engineers in Michigan: “Andrew Watt says he figures the shelf…