Category: Political Artwork

Our own, your own, etc.. Please feel free to submit your own artwork, and feel free to use our own for use of discouraging the tax and spenditis we must always fight.

Signs of the times..

Just a little something.. Certainly I could add a few more signs, perhaps some more left/right suggestions?

Its Time To Start Drinking.. Or At Least Start Partying..

The hangover is already starting… The markets are down on the presumption that at any point the federal government can walk in and nationalize the business, bank, enterprise you own stock in thus diluting its value with forced actions.  The…

Just gotta kiss his feet.. Thats it..

As Burris attempts to take his seat in the senate, and Harry Reid drunk on power lets his real feelings show. Blago simply shined a little light on the Senate leader’s motivations..