Taking a short break from a fight with an outcome that seems assured

Who knows how many words I’ve written relating to the issue of personal freedoms and keeping the government in check. Probably in the 6-figure mark. After a while, the fight makes one jaded – not necessarily apathetic (maybe a little?), but more exhausted.

Jim Fossel mentioned a link that indicates a good portion of Republican “insiders” think that it’s political suicide to try and block the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor because she’s Hispanic.

Although I’d be more than willing to debate on the Hispanic thing given the melting pot that is Puerto Rico, we’ll just go with it for now.

Without analyzing the “surrender” aspect of things, as Jim put it in his tweet, the fact that blocking this horrid Supreme Court Justice nominee would be considered political suicide, just because of her demographics, says something.

It basically says that a majority of the people that would vote are too stupid to get over the race issue and realize that having someone with her logically bankrupt answers to questions of normative jurisprudence on the bench of the Supreme Court has bad Juju. These are the same people, like Central Michigan University professor Donald Matthews, who thought that if Obama lost the election, it would have been due to racism.

This is where I take a break from the fight, and let an opinion piece from Pravda, of all outfits, do the talking about how “American Capitalism [has] gone with a whimper“. Here’s another kick to the nuts (and a brief history lesson) – the online version of Pravda is actually separate from the print version. The print version got sold to a Greek family, and the online version was started by the journalists and editors that worked for Pravda up until 1991, while it was still a communist party mouthpiece. Source.

At this point, it almost seems that this fight is like the last that MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart took part in, fighting off mass quantities of skinnies while trying to defend the crash site of Super Six-Four, before depleting their ammo and succumbing to the sheer number of the enemy. I hope it doesn’t turn out that way, but anyone who uses race as a deciding factor for these sorts of things are the enemy. I will tell that to their faces.

I suppose with June 1 being the start of the 2nd Annual blogger challenge over at Right Michigan, I’ll be getting back behind cover now and slinging lead till we get overrun or things change for the better…

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