The More You Know..

News as portrayed by our mainstream media outlets suggest that if they don’t cover it, it is “fringe.”  Perception of the masses can sometimes be quite influenced not merely by the way a “news” program provides reporting, but more so in fact by the reporting of it, if at all.  Critics of the Tea Parties throughout the nation cited Fox News’ coverage of the tea parties as “premature,” and in fact accused Fox of helping the news events become reality.  Critics of those critics say that the major networks did their best to ignore, or play down as outside normal behavior those who felt the need to stand up and be counted in a demonstration format.

1deadpcockUltimately, there have been some who point out quite correctly, that the bias in the media elements, whether it be network news, or cable news broadcasting is most certainly decided with inclusion, or (lack thereof) PLANNED in the nightly broadcasts. I was at a Northern Michigan party this weekend celebrating the marriage of some extended family members, and had the opportunity to meet quite a few decent folks, a couple of whom help me illustrate this point.

Richard and Claudia are both traditionalist, and quite conservative.  They were aware of the Tea Parties, support them, but just didn’t want to “insert” themselves.  They feel as the Tea Partiers do, that our government has gone a little too far, and now they plan on becoming more active. (our discussion became quite energetic at times)  They mentioned that communications with family members who are also conservative but not activist would have loved to go to the tea party in Lansing.. If only they had known.  Actually one family member DID but not soon enough to make plans it seems (if I recall correctly)  But the other, didn’t even know they had happened.

How in this day and age you ask could anyone not know about such a major event?  Nearly a million people is the current count, of people who showed up, and participated in tea parties around the nation April 15, 2009.    Nearly a million people showing displeasure, not only with current promised spending which is sure to bury this nation in unresolvable debt, but also unhappy with congress ignoring provisions in the constitution which should prohibit such action.  But even those who care cannot keep up with it all, particularly if they are through habit connected only to the three major networks, which decide to advance certain causes, yet will actively shelf news stories which don’t fit their fawning over the current administration.

Richard and Claudia will likely become more active, but what about those people who because of the old favorite news sources might be late to the party? (so to speak)  It will be up to us to engage those folks and let them know what is going on so they can then decide to participate or abstain.  The importance of ANY issue is sufficient to bring about activity for support or negation, but the absense of knowledge of the issue, due to a masking element in media denies that ability.

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