As Simple As Nineteen Words

Barack Obama now starts year five.

Never in my life would I have imagined a presidential inauguration that contained reference to those with specific sexual proclivities as a class worthy of ‘equal rights’.

“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law”


First, one needs to ask how does the law treat them differently? Once we get beyond that, should we then not make the same claims to those who practice medicine, drinking to excess, mountain climbing, or more closely related, Lawyering?

A list quite endless, it would seem, of activities human beings partake in. Any particular one ought not be identified as worthy of respect only because it has drawn scorn in the past for its danger to families, society, and the personal health of the participants of that activity.

To my friends in the “gay” community:

You have the same rights we all do. As consenting adults might find, activities behind closed doors can indeed be private. Whatever deviance from the natural act of reproduction you wish to commit, it is hardly any of my business.

If ultimately, the goal is to have your sexual pursuits seen on par with the fight of blacks in this country, realize there are those of us who actually know the difference. You are not fighting a righteous battle, nor a Jim Crow situation, but one that is simply to gain a sense of ‘normalcy’ and salve the guilt you feel for the acts you consummate.

I and others who believe as I do, do not hate you, nor do we wish you harm. We pray for your mental health, for the minimization of harm that comes from your choices; as we might to those who drink in excess.

We hope however, that your goals of inner peace do not come at the cost to our own families in health, and upbringing.

Our president has started his second term pandering to those who have issues that need good counsel. He has ‘enabled’ further bad decisions, and unhealthy lifestyle choices that official statistics bear out.

He has once again betrayed this country .. and it only took a few words

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