Creating Wealth In The USA

The lefties don’t get it. They likely never will.

The 99 percent envy that is fostered too often by redistributionist [stimulus] policy and theory, is unfortunately too often stronger than common sense.

This picture (Click on it for a larger view) on the right, is of a wall that contains at least a few patents which affect all of us in some way.  Many of those who bitch about not getting their fair share might think twice when tapping away on the iPhone or android to call mom or dad when the productive pursuits of a ‘gimme’ protest leaves them hungry. Without them, they would be left knocking rocks together and hoping to be heard.

The CD or DVD which loaded your operating system would not be possible without the efforts of the man who populated this wall in Northern Michigan with his storied achievements. The man who also created the process for the LP sized video disk so many years ago, might have said “to hell with it” a while back if the rewards weren’t there as the professionally pitiful left would insist.

It should be noted, only a third of the royalties for these patents were even generated in the USA.  But those royalties made it here.

For those of you out there who are too tired to get it, that means wealth created, and brought in from outside the country. It means a wealthier country with more “trickle down” for our community, our state, and those businesses which this particular patriot engineer patronizes.

It means a healthy economy.

And best of all,  if left to reap the rewards, and uninhibited by government,  it means more innovation from the best minds in the world.


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