Oral Arguments: Keyes vs. Obama; 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – 5/2/11

No Matter the side you are on, this is interesting stuff.

Fro those of you who support the conventional stupidity supported by certain news editors and pundits, the “racist” canard ought to be tossed outright, as this very case has been brought by Alan Keyes, a conservative presidential candidate who is also [insert drum roll here] Black.

I imagine Dr. Keyes would be interested to know he also fears a black man being in the white house.

Having placed this up, I should note that I have no wild imagining that these challenges will go anywhere. However, I am certainly happy to help transparency along by providing a forum for the discussion and exposure of what the traditional media is IGNORING.

A question that begs to be asked is: “How can this NOT be news?”

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