Happy Mother’s Day

One man, and one woman, and the greatest miracle we have ever known and have been given by our creator.


Truly the greatest boon to mankind, must be considered mankind.  For what we have been made of, is that which allows us to continue our replication through miracle after miracle.  Humanity exists only through this process.  With each child conceived, holding endless possibilities and promise, rights, and responsibility.  Each woman who carries out the responsibility of carriage in these repeating miracles is indeed the most important figure in a child’s life.

It has been said that no man could endure the trauma of childbirth.  Yet repeatedly the process continues by those whom we know as our tireless protectors when we are young.  Treating each of us as treasure, and investment into the miracle of God’s work which is humanity.  Her pain turning to joy as we mature and grow, and change, and become vital.

How could we not love, admire, respect our Mother?  Passing on all that she is, and more, to protect, nurture, and advocate that miracle into continuum.  Forever guaranteeing more sons, more daughters and to be sure, more mothers.

Cherished thoughts and gratitude to our moms.



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