Done.. At least for now.

As many of you know, I have been running a campaign locally for a county commission seat.  I started of the door knocking campaign on my bike, and wound it up tonight on the blisters of the blisters on my tootsies.  This current race will determine if I go forward onto the November election ballot.

I must say, campaigning is not something I would have thought I could enjoy.  I was surprised to find out however, that it is truly a pleasure to meet folks in your community, some of whom are paying little attention, but many who are far more informed than I could have imagined when first starting out.  In fact I am a bit more informed as well.

And I was only thrown off someone’s property once.

Tomorrow, I am preparing my voting day balloons etc, and on Tues night, I am going to have a victory party.    Perhaps I have earned it..  I hope the voters think so.

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