Us and Them – Michigan Style

Democrats hoping to turn a recent “discovery” by a maid after a Republican gathering into gold for their party might want to settle down and think about some other things politic.  Excitement over a presentation to Republican leadership should fade fast when put to contrast with Democrat collusion efforts, cover ups and open deceit.  Politico reports:

“The Republican National Committee plans to raise money this election cycle through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Barack Obama and a promise to “save the country from trending toward socialism.”

The strategy was detailed in a confidential party fundraising presentation, obtained by POLITICO, which also outlines how “ego-driven” wealthy donors can be tapped with offers of access and “tchochkes.”

Politico’s piece has sparked a number of lefty blogs, who are looking for anything they can find to turn attention away from the FAIL Obama policies and the current debate on the monstrous government health care takeover.  Using a paltry 2 pages from the presentation found,  Democrats have begun to rail on Republican efforts to milk the rich donors based on the fears of this country turning to socialism etc.. But at the same time ignoring that many donors were AT THE RETREAT where the presentation was made.

An attempt to turn the Republican supporters against the party is expected.  The left has been trying to define Republicans based on their limited synaptic polarization, but to use a strategy session hand out as a smoking gun for a political party is somewhat weak and has the smell of desperation.

But let us not forget that in our own state, the glorious territory of Michigan, it was not a Republican “conspiracy” that attempted to rewrite the constitution of the state in a single pass, but rather the collusion of the Democrat Party, and The Unions.  The 2008 discovery by a Mackinac center intern of the Democrat takeover plan was found on a UAW website, and outlined the ways in which to deceive Michigan voters so that the Democrats could retain power in a state where the dissatisfaction with Democrat leadership would leave them out of power from 2012-2021 (their estimates.. not mine)

The document, when addressing the desired redistricting to help retain democrat seats:

“To succeed Redistricting reform must be a part of a larger, popular state government reform proposal”

which means “We need to headline the package with things that people actually might support”

They even recognized how incredibly miserable a job Democrats have done in Michigan, all the while trying to get more power for encore performances:

“In 2008, use the public’s very negative mood and high level of discouragement about state government (the worst in 25 years) to enact a ballot proposal which comprehensively reforms state government, including changing the structural obstacles to Democratic control of state government in 2012-2021”

And it wasn’t ME who added the parenthesis and “worst in 25 years” comment..

The worst part of this document, is that it wasn’t merely a strategy booklet laying around, but rather a full blown plan bought and paid for by the Democrat Party in Michigan.  It’s implementation HAPPENED, and the Democrats LIED about it.  They claimed to have nothing to do with it when the RMGN (Reform Michigan Government NOW) petitions appeared on the scene.  They hid the source of the funding, and only when this document was discovered, did the Michigan Democrat leadership admit its participation.

From Stacking the courts by elimination of “conservative” or otherwise Republican identified judges, to redistricting that favored Democrat majorities, the entire ballot initiative that came out fortunately had one little problem.

It was too big.  IT wouldn’t fit on the ballot, and was summarily rejected for that reason.

The failure of the Democrats and their leadership in this state and in the nation can be summed up in one word; “proboscis”.  The consistent failures result in the inability to see beyond the ends of their elite, and oft upturned noses.  Lack of consideration for the damaging complexities they weave, while practicing the art of deception over a voting public and indeed their very own constituencies.

And now they would condemn the Republicans, for the simple act of considering how best to raise funds and reach their donor base based on a little stroking of the ego?


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