Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Director to Testify Today on Bills to Prohibit Stealth Unionization of Small-Business Owners

Legislation would clarify definition of ‘public employee,’ stop compulsory ‘union dues’ being taken from caregiver subsidies

MIDLAND — Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Director Patrick J. Wright will testify today before the Senate Families and Human Services Committee on proposed legislation to end the forced unionization of home-based day care owners and prohibit any stealth attempts to unionize contractors involved in home health care services. The committee will consider Senate Bills 1173, 1178 and 1179 at 2:30 p.m. in Room 210 of the Farnum Building.

The MCLF in September filed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Human Services after more than 70,000 small-business owners were roped into a public-sector union. As much as $3.7 million in “dues” could be siphoned annually from the subsidies these home-based day care operators receive on behalf of low-income families.

We will be working on articles in the future with regard to this type of activity, and other union operations that have sapped the once vibrant Michigan economy.  The Mackinac center has led the fight for the rights of these small operators who could not fight the oppression levied by union lobbyists, and their willing functionaries in government.

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