Its five years.. Almost.

Tonight we protest the lamest duck.

Governor Jennifer Granholm will be remembered as Michigan’s worst governor.. ever.  She is the poster child for the new democrats, the far left socialist, control and micro manage fairness crowd.  Here, and in other places nationally, Granholm’s results are recognized as where the country now goes with her ideological twin Barack Obama, along with partners in crime Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

Gratuitous hyperbole?

Perhaps.  But more appropriately, criticism earned. The buck stops at the Governors mansion, and it is undeniable that Michigan had previously weathered other recessions better than the rest of the nation.  In fact THIS recession of Michigan’s began BEFORE the nation felt it.  Perhaps Michigan has been the anchor holding the bow to the waves in rough seas prior, but now it has fallen off the proverbial ledge and now acts more like cement shoes pulling it under those waves.

Our great state was the industrial leader of the world.  Over regulatory measures coupled with poor labor policy added to a punishing tax system could not have worked more perfectly in destroying the incentive to build or develop business here.  Add to this a false promise of green jobs, and we have a perfect storm.

She held such promise too.. right?

After commenting on how he thought she might earn some respect after she took office Michael Lafaive of the Mackinaw Center reminds us of a 2006 speech that along with wonderful new speak of “diverse” peoples and businesses, also carried the famous “Blown away” statement:

Unfortunately, Granholm did not “keep going” as we had hoped and she turned — with the help of the Legislature — to countless policies that raised the cost of living, working and creating jobs in the Great Lake State. She has talked a lot about creating jobs, but her policies have not succeeded. Indeed, in her 2006 State of the State address she promised the Michigan would be “blown away” in five years (when she’s conveniently out of office) by all of the jobs she would create with her proposed economic development programs. Specifically, she said:

In a few months, we will begin making prudent investments in the diverse companies that will grow jobs in Michigan. And by this time next year, we’ll see new businesses doing just that. In five years, you’re going to be blown away by the strength and diversity of Michigan’s transformed economy.

Four full years later the economy is a mess. Unemployment recently peaked at 15.3 percent, the state lost 552,200 jobs from 2005 through 2008 alone, and economic output has declined by 4 percent statewide. Worse, Lansing’s careerist political class — led by Gov. Granholm — is giving serious consideration to another tax hike, protecting the very government that has contributed to Michigan’s malaise.


All the while blaming none other than..  George Bush.  Simply words to soothe as we soon found out, and continue to realize today.

The funny thing, is that the left thinking considers the economic failure of the state as not doing enough progressive gerrymandering of the economy.  They think the interference by the tea partiers is messing up the plan before it could reap its great rewards.  Their hearts  carry little room for cold reasoning and logic.

There are some regular readers here who are a part of that crowd. I would ask them, when can you admit the failure of your philosophy?  At what point would you recognize the effect on government solutions to most problems is one that begs even more solutions in some bizarre chain reaction.

How long till the mechanisms of intrusive and overstepping government are seen for what they are? .. Merely Rube Goldberg facsimiles, instead of sound economic principle.

1 comment for “Its five years.. Almost.

  1. john
    February 3, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    The citizens of this state and the country are now paying for their good nature. The unending social engineering that has been indoctrinated, through our education system, and media is now self sustaining, the suffering is now fully transferred to all.
    It is time to end all social programs, Pay social security to remaining WWII era citizens, and damaged veterans of later conflicts. End all medicaid and welfare, and subtractions from businesses and workers checks. Make those wizards of welfare abuse, both end users and politicos, put their manipulative skills to more productive uses.

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