1 comment for “Cuomo charging BoA and former execs with fraud

  1. Bruce Barlond
    February 6, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Where are the charges against Sen. Don Reigle who wrote the Community Reinvestment Act that forced banks to make loans to people that couldn’t afford to pay the loans back? How about Jimmy Carter who signed the CRA into law? How about Bill Clinton and the Congressmen and Senators who voted to send out even more regulators to the banks to make certain those bad loans were being made. How about Sen Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and others who took huge amounts of campaign cash from Wall Street? How about former Clinton aide Franklin Raines who was paid $90 million dollars while he ran Freddie Mac into bankruptcy at taxpayer expense buying those bad loans and then reselling them to banks and investment houses on Wall Street. (Those are the same banks and investment houses that went bankrupt and we bailed out.) Former Clinton aide Jamie Gorelich was paid +-$24 million over 3-4 years at Fannie Mae while Fannie was doing the same as Freddie. Just where are the investigations of Barney Frank and these others? These folks worked hard to drive our economy to ruin and they are off the hook? We need to ask them a few questions. Who? Why? How much?

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