In the face of FRAUD… Mea Culpa Mrs Mulhern?

In 2007, an important executive order was signed by our governor Jennifer Granholm based on some bogus scientific facts ginned up by a cult organized effort of those who would benefit from relieving us of our “cheap” energy sources and enjoyable transportation.

On November 14, 2007, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm issued Executive Order No. 2007-42 establishing the Michigan Climate Action Council (Council).

The world’s scientific community has concluded with a very high level of confidence that emissions of greenhouse gases are causing the Earth’s climate to warm. Throughout the world, business leaders, governments, and the public are all recognizing the potential impacts of climate change on the economy, environment, and our quality of life. The State of Michigan can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through encouraging technology innovation and the adoption of policies that provide net economic and environmental benefits.

Granholm, along with a few other states, allowed the PA outfit, Center for Climate Strategies to literally write the eco policy for the state, but something they would only do if there was no debate. Insisting the debate was over, the cost of this group to the state government “free.” The cost to taxpayers, and those trying to do business here.. immeasurable.

Now with the “leaked,” “Stolen,” or “discovered” emails revealing that the So Called “science” used to demonstrate the need for such things as removing a part of the food supply for ethanol, the promise of carbon sequestration (one of my favorite “whoo boys!”) and an effort to remove certain parts of our manufacturing from the state by policy targeting manufacturing..  wow where to begin MRS M?

Would it be at all possible you could admit that you were “duped,” “fooled,” “taken for a ride” by this entire set of shenanigans?  Or will you decide that its all or nothing like your suicidal leftist counterparts in DC?

The clock is ticking could step up and leave the office with a level of dignity by stating what is now quite obviously the truth of the matter, or you can be held as the biggest fool this state has ever seen in its executive office.. your choice.


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