Climategate for Dummies

The American Thinker does an outstanding job explaining the global warming deception by Mann, Jones, et el..

As the mainstream media move from abject denial to dismissive whitewashing, CRU co-conspirators move to Copenhagen for tomorrow’s UN climate meeting, intent on changing the world as we know it based primarily on their now exposed trickery. Add yesterday’s announcement of a UN investigation into the matter, which will no doubt be no less corrupt than those being investigated, and public awareness of how and why that trick was performed is now more vital than ever.

In Michigan, we have been the victim of this CRIME (Fraud is one of those things our government is supposed to protect us against) in the manner that policy has affected our manufacturing ability, and the artificial nature and regulatory changes as related to our automotive sector.

Our own governor Granholm has signed on to the corrupt “climate Strategies” group, and allowed them to publish executive policy with no debate (they won’t allow it) before implementation.

They cannot be allowed to get away with this.

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