Word Of The Day.. "Dichotomy"

Dichotomynoun “division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between thought and action.”

An event that is going to happen “internationally,” the “350” festival demonstrates the doorknob mentality of the left, and its inability to have any form of consistency or at the very least parallel goals.  Considering the folks who traditionally align themselves with the “left”  typically vote for the “union” candidate as well.  Unions lobby heavily for the elections of those who heavily regulate using junk science to cover political aspirations.

If you are a “union worker” your interests are not being represented well.  The following is a representation of TWO events happening in Michigan TOMORROW.  That shining light of meteorological brilliance, Dave Barrons says:

Join me at 1 p.m. Saturday at Traverse City’s Open Space as northwest Michigan joins the worldwide action to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million, the concentrations leading scientists agree we need to achieve. Learn more at TC350.org.

And then in Bay City they have their own event..

Eight-foot-tall numbers spelling out “350” were erected at the park on Wednesday in preparation for the event. The number refers to 350 parts per million, the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for the planet to avoid runaway climate change. Current levels hover near 400.

This is all for “the International Day of Climate Action”

yeah…  Heaven forbid we have too much PLANT FOOD in the air..  And never mind that all of the reasons (you know global WARMING) they have used to position this drivel as a public policy driver have failed to materialize.. I mean what the hell is up with our ol matron Gaea not cooperating with these Marxists and internationalists.?

Its just not fair…  but that’s OK with me.  These folks just love the comfort provided by cheap energy, the jobs created by cheap energy, the FREEDOM provided by cheap energy, but do not understand… you need CHEAP ENERGY for it to work!  It just seems strange that the Labor Unions typically support these types of people and issues..  Issues which are diametrically opposed to the service they should be providing their constituencies.

A Dichotomy.

As an aside.. I wonder if this event will be like that “lights out hour” they did earlier this year.. you know.. the one where the hypocrite Al Gore still had his palace lit up like Christmas.


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