Sadly Justice is not always served…

Why is this guy even in our legislative system?

in 2005 Attorney General Mike Cox charged George Cushingberry, with two counts of felony perjury and one misdemeanor count of failing to file campaign statements.  Ultimately the case was dismissed with Democrat party chief claiming Cox performing his duty was a “political witch hunt,” and also failing to note the Judge who threw the case out was a LONG TIME POLITICAL donor and benefactor of the Democrat party.  Cox didn’t appeal, as the case would have likely cost the state more than it was worth, but now… I wonder.

Recently, Cushingberry showed some more of who he is..  This audio is of George Cushingberry whining about being contacted by citizens in the state who are concerned about higher taxes.  He said this on the floor of the house.

This state continues to endure the effects of lousy management, and George is Appropriations Chairman.. his business affects all of us. I wonder if he even cares to hear from his own constituents.   Don’t try to meet him in person, as he says:

if I see you in person, I’ll be trying to figure out if I find somebody to give me a case to sue you, because it’s unfair for you to be so selfish in this society

Yeah.. and this guy represents somebody.. Proud voters I am sure..

Pathetic..  you can let him know it too.. HERE is his contact info.


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