Michigan Education Association Opposes Obamacare

An amazing new development!  The MEA has apparently taken a stand on the efforts of the Obama administration with this quote:


Doug Pratt Of The MEA

“This is a massive expansion of government at a time when we can’t even get the budget balanced,” said MEA spokesman Doug Pratt. “These savings aren’t here and the taxpayers shouldn’t fall for it. Why would public school employees trust the health of their families to a state bureaucracy in Lansing?”

Oh.. right.. Lansing..  Of course they did not specifically mention Obama’s proposals, but lets not call them hypocrites, but rather roll out the red carpet, and welcome them to the fold, because SURELY massive expansions in the time of budget troubles are WRONG, and the MEA is reminding us of just that fact.

This of course is related to the health care issue anyhow, as one of our State leaders, Andy Dillon has proposed to change the way the state buys its workers health insurance to control costs.  The free press reports:

His idea: sweep public employees and retirees — about 400,000 city and county workers, teachers, police and firefighters, college professors, legislators and even the governor — into one statewide health insurance plan that he said eventually would save up to $900 million a year.

Dillon, a Redford Township Democrat, got a lukewarm response from Gov. Jennifer Granholm and his own Democratic caucus.

“It’s my hope this keeps people working,” he said.

Of course he sees the writing on the wall..  I must give him credit for understanding that post 2010, it is HIGHLY likely that any further budget shortages will result in MASSIVE cuts to the state of Michigan’s payroll (as it should be already) creating even fewer opportunities for protected class union transfers into government. Dillon might well be simply looking out for the quantity, not the quality..

But what the hey.. Kudos to Dillon for bringing out the spitting truth from the MEA, and congratulations to the MEA for discovering the courage to Declare Obama’s plans inappropriate under the circumstances!

H/T to Chetly Zarko of Outside Lansing

Update – And Speaking of massive increases in Bureaucracy..

And we ain’t seen nothing yet. House Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee sifted through their opponents’ 1,018-page health care bill and released a dizzying flow chart detailing the Byzantine bureaucracy Obamacare would create. Washington would become the home of at least 31 new federal programs, agencies, and commissions to oversee the government-run health insurance regime.

Bubububaby we just aint seen nuthin yet.. as the song goes..

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