Mark Brewer Took The Blue Pill..

Actually, maybe just a few too many of them.  welcome to the machine Mark. Your recent suggestion to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour is how should I put this in the most polite way possible… “incredibly benighted and unfathomably moronic.” In other words, very leftist and would not even be worthy of the Democrat party except in its current form.

Brewer has suggested the minimum wage be increased to $10 an hour..  and more as The Detroit News reports:

Besides the 35 percent hike in the minimum wage, party officials want to mandate employer health coverage for all workers, boost unemployment benefits, slash utility rates and freeze home foreclosures. “It’s pretty obvious from this whose side we’re on. We’re on the side of people who are suffering, ” Mark Brewer, the party chairman, said during a news conference at Democratic headquarters in Lansing.

Its obvious whose side your on?  Examine the picture below and see what you are pulling for MR. Brewer.. (click to enlarge if your eyesight is as poor as your foresight)


Certainly, this might be a matter of opinion..  IF we didn’t ALREADY have anecdotal precedent which demonstrates that a minimum wage increase merely increases the chance business will not hire.  Teen Jobs already being killed off (and not just in Michigan) as Minimum wage hikes cause employers to lessen the number of part time seasonal jobs available.   There are plenty of examples..  Just Google “Minimum Wage Kills Teen Jobs” without the quotes..

But stopping at Jobs (as noted above) is not the whole part of running the State off the cliff for Brewer et al..  Lets just jump right out there and boost those unemployment bennies.. make em last longer OK? Well, considering part of the state’s DEBT is to the Federal Government for a loan to pay for unemployment already, maybe not so good an idea..

Unless you are Mark Brewer, or the Democrat leadership in Michigan and are convinced Michigan people are as stupid as a lump of Donkey dropping.

How bout those mortgages? Well certainly we can stop those greedy bankers who just want to take away..  but wait.. If the lenders who put their stockholders capital on the line for a loan cannot have some form of protection for their collateral, why in the heck would they want to loan in the first place? In fact.. Why be in business?  Go a step further MR. Brewer..  Lets propose Squatting! We’ll start at your house. Sorry about the first antique your new communal brothers break while sneaking a peanut butter n toast in the dark of night.

Oh yeah THAT’S right.. it will be midday, and the lights.. well the lights won’t be on.  They won’t be on because the Democrat party has made COAL PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE NECESSARILY says Obama:

Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)

Not only that but then under a BREWER plan, the rates would then be frozen.  But don’t anyone worry about that!  The janitor at the power plant is a union position, and he has a lot of desks to take to storage. A few more months before he goes to the unemployment office too. But you know with that unemployment lasting longer, .. no worries.

As to any other jobs left over.. not going to be many for long.  Consider this video as a an appropriate analogy..

Of course the flag at the end of this video is simply the white flag we will all be flying.. if we still have the strength.

So get the stomach pump.. Brewer needs help..  And if ANYONE takes up his suggestions seriously, we all will.


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