They Are All Beauty Contest Winners

There are indeed similarities between the way a pageant winner is treated, and the way our citizens are treated when they don’t capitulate. However, it goes further, and can paint quite a picture when looking at the characters who use such things to move their agendas forward, and is especially telling within the political community.

The winner of the Miss California pageant was subjected to a litmus test of the “ruling elite” during the Miss USA event, when questioned in a way that was designed to corner her into assisting the normalization of the homosexual agenda. Her answer not only surprised the judge asking it, but infuriated gays who seek a confirmation that their lifestyles are acceptable. She spoke her convictions, and was punished with a loss (a possibility) and a campaign against her reputation, including anything that could be dug up as “proof” she was some kind of hypocrite. (a reality)

Carrie Prejean was supported initially by Donald Trump, who owns the organization which runs the pageants. Trump stood up for her and appeared to offer his support for her to speak her convictions. She agreed to fulfill her obligations as the reigning miss California, and the organization agreed to allow her to keep her title. But there were elements within the organization which weren’t happy with the outcomes, and moved to undermine her resolve, and her position.

Prejean lost her title. She did not lose it for breaching contractual obligations it seems, but for not participating in the planned destruction of her personal character. It seems the director of the California pageant had requested she attend “Gay” events, and do a Playboy photo shoot as a condition of her continued “employment”as Miss California.

The “Gay” event, an openly gay movie, was to be attended as an inconspicuous person. Undercover, so to speak. The following day it was to be “revealed” that she attended the event and would appear sympathetic to the plight of the homosexuals. The other issue was a Playboy photo shoot, which requires little explanation. I am not even sure she was aware of the setup for what it was, but her core convictions helped her make the correct choices. Then she was fired…

From Fox News:

CARRIE PREJEAN, FORMER MISS CALIFORNIA: I honestly don’t know what happened. All I know is yesterday morning, I was on my way to an event and I got a phone call from the media. And they said, “What’s your statement, basically?” And I said, “About what?” And they said, “You know, about you getting fired?” And I could not believe it. I was absolutely speechless. I didn’t know what to say.

She wasn’t even told.

What went on behind closed doors in the Trump organization might well have been one of survival for the Wharton success story, “the Don,” but it bears out remarkable similarities to the way the left handles “problems” in other areas. It bears its intended effects on the large corporations in its relationship to government, and all too often how our elected officials wind up pandering to interests opposed to their own personal policy agendas.

How many Republicans in Michigan or nationally, have declared themselves to be in support of legislation that has little to do with what would be assumed their natural interest? How often do we find the “fiscal protectors,” the Republicans, wringing up a new debt in the name of compromise and “harmony?” How many of those Republicans find themselves voting for amendment, or law that runs counter intuitive to some of their personal social beliefs in the name of “understanding?”

Moderates, is the name which is usually used in a forgivable tone, yet others who hold a more conservative stance have called them RINOs. (Republican In Name Only) They are those who for either the right or wrong reasons abandon principles when legislating, or representing themselves as Republicans. They abandon the standards which supposedly unifies them with other Republicans and conservatives. They become that which they disagree with (in principle) for the sake of moving forward or gaining support in other areas.

Except, that in the meantime, they often give up moral authority on their core issues. Issues that require consistency can no longer be proposed or defended by those who have strayed. Not without the banner of “hypocrite” floating above their heads. And those Democrats, Leftists, or Liberals who seek the capitulation of the “moderates” Requiring no such consistency of their own, eagerly hammer those same moderates when they finally DO attempt to hold the line, with words of derision, and ridicule.

Ultimately, Carrie Prejean’s battle with the management of the pageant organization should be noted for how it was handled and the startling similarity it has to the way our leadership is treated… UNLESS they remain consistent, and do not lower themselves to the ideals of the progressive left, Republicans will be seen as weak, or as hypocritical. The only side of them shown by the media will be that which the media decides. It will not be the agreeable politico who wants only what is best for all, but perhaps the one point which that politico turns most heads… away.

Carrie Prejean personally has proven that she will allow no one but herself to define her, or her beliefs. She defied the attempts to paint herself into a corner where she would have a harder time to break out, and she refused to capitulate to those who would lead her astray.  She maintained MORAL AUTHORITY by saying NO.

And then she was fired.

And maybe its not so bad…

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