If it ain't broke, the governor still wants to fix it.

Wednesday and Thursday, I was up in Grayling helping run M16 and M9 ranges to burn off some STA time (basically, I’m not going to be here for a couple of my drills, so I’m making up for it).

On the way up, I noticed a sign indicating a construction zone near where 127 connects to 75. Construction hasn’t started yet, but the cones are all there. I found two things interesting though… the road is in fine condition, and the sign was talking about how this project is being funded by the Obama stimulus bill. Of course Granholm had to have her name on there too – she needed credit for being a good piggy and feeding from the trough.

So let’s get this straight… we have a road in good condition, and “fixing” it stimulates the economy? Seriously, this is a prime case of the broken window fallacy.

With credit going to something awful, I think this image fits…
Return of the Retardinal

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