Growing interest in the Tea Parties

Many of you who have websites and blogs already know there are ways to keep track of the real number of visitors to your sites, and also which pages they visit.  Those who didn’t realize this should also know that we can track the referring site (Google, Yahoo, Etc..) and most often the terms used to direct you to our home on the Internet. There is other information as well Including the ISP (Internet Service Provider) which you use, so we can determine who our “best customers” are (generically of course) and from what countries.

My own curiosity is usually peaked when I get a series of searches directed to the site for my name, the names of my “co conspirators” (read: sympathetic commenters) which usually happens within a few days of editorializing on major issues of the day.  When we discuss the automakers, we get hits from the tower in Detroit, when talking about the hell spawn Nancy Pelosi, San Fransisco hits pick up, etc.. They are as curious of what WE are up to, as we are.. THEM.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, and this blog has been the key to my sanity while we watch our elected representatives forget who is boss take from us in self compensating means.  On policy, it appears that most of our members of congress (read: Who is in the majority) haven’t a clue on how to perform long term planning, and seem shortsighted on short term goals as well.  One would think they have no clue about economic fundamentals, savings, rainy days etc..

Au contraire, mon frère..  They do in fact, have a clue.

Self compensation in the grocery store would be the guy hitting the deli department for his lunch “on the house.”  You might see an office complex go through pens and stationary faster than real use would normally indicate.  We are all aware of some form of thievery by employees that has existed, a practice of getting what one thinks they deserve from the party who “owes it to them.”  It is a moral decision that becomes justified when raises are “not what they should be,” or benefits are cut, or “the boss passed me up on that promotion that I deserve.”

Our leadership is made of normal folks, (except for the daughter of Satan, Nancy Pelosi.) who for the most part have the same family life situations as us all.  They make the same financial decisions in their personal lives, have kids who go to school, grow up and work, serve etc.. They ARE you and me.

Except that…

We have given them the implied position of power over our very security and finances.  They have assumed the mantle of authority only a little TOO well. And in the case of the congress, no amount of stolen pens from the supply closet, or a ham and mustard on rye will sate the desire to be given their JUST rewards.  They will seek long term compensation which will “reward” their hard terms of “service” to country.  Compensation, in the form of jobs for family and for even themselves after their legislative tenure conveniently happen,  pork barrel projects which oh-so-coincidentally benefit a spouse’s business,  or even on short term compensatory goals, re-election.

All of which WE PAY FOR.

Which brings us to the reason I am writing this.  The blog visitor reports have revealed a very notable trend.  In the last several days I have seen hundreds of searches for “MICHIGAN TEA PARTY.”

These results indicate that there are many folks who are interested knowing more about the movement, and participating in the tea party movement.  And as we see the April 15 tax day draw closer, there is heightened sensitivity about what our leaders are doing with our nation’s wealth by mortgaging for generations.  Sentiment drawn from the actions of our founders compels us to revolt in the manner we can to show our measured distaste for the unacceptable policies put forth by those who spend our future.

Lansing is a small part of the overall movement, yet expect those who visit to impress our leadership with numbers unimaginable.  The numbers and the interest I am seeing indicates a very large turnout.

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  1. March 20, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    your post here has inspired me to post my recent rant to Senator Levin. When I earlier this year sent an e-mail to his office telling him NOT to vote for the Bailout and NOT to vote for the Stimulus, he put me on his e-mail list. Now I get e-mails telling me how much he is doing for us low-lifes here in Little Person Land.

    So, I replied today, and so as not to have my reply go to waste, I am going to post it on the site here. Look for it. 🙂

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