An Open Letter to Carl Levin

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from the office of Senator Carl Levin, our esteemed senior Senator from Michigan. In this e-mail, he assured me how much he cared about our tax money. He assured me that he opposed the  “outrageous bonuses” that AIG handed out. I decided to answer him, and the comments below were sent to Sen. Levin’s office. So as not to waste them on the senior senator and his staff (who I’m sure will not let him see my comments, and subsequently unsubscribe me from his list), I’ve decided to post them here.

The text:

Actually Sen. Levin, since I am not a brainless drone that normally votes for people like you, I actually pay attention to what’s going on in Washington DC. You see, I know that it was the Democrats who put in the piece in the legislation that allowed AIG to give those bonuses. I also know that it was the Democrats, with liberal Republicans, that are destroying our economy by “bailing out” companies that don’t deserve to continue to exist. It’s the Democrats who are inflating the money supply in order to “bail out” their buddies on Wall Street, all the while planning to raise taxes on small businesses and the working poor (through cap-and-trade, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, etc.).

When you and the current President are done, our economy will be in such bad shape that most people will just accept the nationalizations of our industries without question (hell, most are doing that now). I feel like we are in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. You should be ashamed, as a Jew, for supporting the policies of Adolph Hitler here in the US.

I know I risk being picked up by your Black-booted Gestapo warriors and thrown in jail for my “unpatriotic” activities by speaking out like this. I’ve seen what Missouri is planning to do to Ron Paul supporters (yes, that’s right; I am a Ron Paul supporter).

Quit giving businesses OUR money. Let US keep it. That will fix the economy in no time. Stop trying to steal money from the “rich” and small business owners, all the while sitting on your own fortunes (I know that the Democrats in Congress are some of the wealthiest people in the country). I’m sick of politicians like you, and your bullshit pontificating. YOU are ruining our country. My hope is that by 2010, liberty minded politicians (and I sure don’t classify most Republicans in that number either) will win the Congress, and by 2012, Americans will wake up to Obama’s Nazi Party, and vote him out too.

May God have mercy on America.