Terror in the village

The bailout scourge has spread from the street of Wall, to the Motors of the City, and now it threatens us from the Malls of America. Like the Zombies in the worst schlock horror flicks we face a spreading of moans and wailing that we know will mean life ending as we know it, along with a few missing limbs by the time it is over.  Unshackled by ANY recognized principles which would guide those who “lead” us, we find ourselves watching wealth being spent that will not be created until after we have passed from this world into the next.

Each segment of our economy feeling it is as “important” as the the next understandably expects the citizens to come out from hiding

Bottom line is this..  The Federal GOVERNMENT has failed to abide by the TENTH, 4th, 5th, amendments in the least 3 years alone that I know of.  The 10th in particular recently doing things it has NO BUSINESS doing, and that it CANNOT by LAW..  Yet here we are, and there it has.   The chains are off the hounds from hell.  Lets see how many villagers are killed before it is over.