Prognostication Made Easy – and poorly..

There is a saying: “For one to truly understand a spider monkey, one must be a spider monkey.” OK, I made it up.. so its MY saying..  Anyhow, that is pretty much how it has to be sometimes to get a grip on what the heck is going on under the hood of that which you are not.  In this case, I am not a Leftolyte Priest so it is much harder for me to get a handle on the wildly fluctuating brain activity of “progressive” politics.

Perhaps that is the reason my optimistic pondering of the election, with at least 19-20 predictions for Michigan and National races and issues…  Most of them being WRONG.   Add to this, I am new to politics..  well sort of.  New to the realities of people doing what it takes to acquire power and dominion over their fellow man.  Using tactics and strategies, some of which are quite Machiavellian to be sure.

Three specific LYING tactics used by the spider monkeys.. er I mean Democrats this last go round? Hunters and shooters, Republicans for Obama, and RMGN.  All three used a variant of what I would call “misdirection.”  Find a substantive issue the “Right” claims as a concern, and hijack it by pretending it is in reality something the left likes, and fitting in neatly somewhere the ultimate Trojan horse.  The study groups they used to figure out this method must have had a good sampling of the “typical right” who raised their hands at the wrong times.  …sigh.

It wont stop here.

Democrats are in a desperate need of a solution for the Michigan governor’s seat in 2010.  It isn’t enough they occupy the regents positions, have their people in the MSC, control the house, etc..  but they MUST have that seat occupied by a Democrat for a successful subjugation of the Michigan citizenry.

John Cherry is the guy they want.  not because he is anything special, particularly photogenic, or charismatic, but because he is there.  And two years in the executive office would make him a more formidable opponent for the Republicans in 2010.

But I DID say I am wrong most of the time..  at least without my trusty Spider Monkey outfit..  Tim Skubick has a little different take:

“The one guy who could toss a monkey wrench into the works is former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. He is very close to Obama and he could ask his pal to deny Granholm a post just to prevent Cherry from getting hers. Archer, you see, eyes the governor’s office, too.”

I see.. Soooo.. based on ARCHER’S long standing association with Obama… Lets see..  they Both spoke at the The University of Akron School of Law commencement 2005, Staffers who gravitate towards one or the other, and a couple of large event dinners where they were in the same room..  Yeah I get it..  it wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with Dennis being.    A Man. (you thought I was going to say former mayor of Detroit.)

Nope.. Sorry Dennis.. Its a new day.  Even Kwame said you screwed up Detroit.