Privatizing the UAW or other unions to promote success!

The unions, unlike private entities rely on government intervention for their survival.  For without government and the NLRB to protect it, the typical union would fold under the weight of the imposed mediocrity it provides.  Entrenched union leadership simply focusing on the numbers of Union members as well as the dues provided is fast becoming insufficient, and new ways to expand leadership ranks requires new methods such as repackaged health care plans to profit and provide revenue for its top heavy infrastructure.

Michigan is blessed with many differing trade unions, but these entities produce little real result in terms of real benefit for the employees who subscribe to their services.  Making the UAW, Teamsters, or any other union a “for profit” business would create a radical new environment and open the door to unlimited opportunities.  The benefits of private ownership drive personal motivation, and a quest for quality in performance and result.

I have taken this opportunity to highlight a few benefits which would result from a structural change by “privatizing” below.

Selectivity.  The UNION could determine if the prospective member meets criteria.  Ownership of the union would mean the members do not want sloth, or any form of nonperformance, as it would reflect on them as a whole.

Competition. Smaller Unions could openly compete, and the competition would help keep quality high, while maintaining an ownership that is manageable.  It is a proven concept that any can understand.

Standing. the ability to guarantee the best available employees to prospective companies.  this would ensure the companies would WANT to have the union employees, because if you were truly good, you would be a member of one of the better unions.

Discrimination. Choice would afford the truly worthy an opportunity to stand out in Elite union structures.  The best of the best, and would be a sought after commodity, bringing up wages for ALL. An individual would be able to use reputation to seek out the best unions.

Opportunity. Bringing up Industry performance as a whole which would remind the world why products made in the USA are the best.  New infrastructure would develop as the goods we make would be greatly sought after once again.

Pride. Natural selection and drive of better union workers would provide a prideful environment for those workers as a “guild,” a collection of peers and equals who have a better respect the work they perform.

Morality. Regain a moral high ground as providers of proper manpower for jobs which need filling.  No longer would the “Union Label” mean that the manufacturer was forced to overpay the help for an “adequate” product, but that they had sought out the most talented craftsmen money could buy to build it with pride.

Honor. It would put honor back in the trades as creators of wealth, rather than usurpers of mere redistributive policy.  The removal of government intervention between agreeable parties seeking to benefit each other would restore the faith in individual liberty.

Innovation. Imaginative and unique manufacturing processes would be spawned, as the competing unions would seek to add value to their product.  US Manufacturers would regain the strength and again be seen as providers for the highest quality products on the planet without question.

All of these goals could be met, but only if the Unions themselves step back and away from the adversarial role they currently  have with employers and corporate  management. As a business, the union would be responsible to its shareholders (the members) A free market “strike” would be to place the members at risk if not considered carefully.

This can be accomplished NOW.

A union could be formed with any group of employees perhaps within the automakers, banding together and demanding their place at the table of negotiations.  It would spark the beginning of a new era, one that isnt ruled by pompous stuffed shirts in leadership positions, but by those who actually lay hands on the product of their craft. The workers would still have bargaining ability but would not have the overhead of a forced insurance package, political donation, or six and seven figure leadership salaries to carry.

Michigan has some of the finest workforce anywhere.  The tradesmen of michigan need to regain their voices and retake control of the reward for their work.  Union leadership, in its philandering manipulation of government has produced less opportunity, and a less than healthy manufacturing status.  A truly unique approach such as a venture into the privatization of the union enterprise is needed to bring out the best once again.